Why Graphic Design Is Essential To The Success Of Apps

graphic designThe Android and iPhone apps market is highly competitive and there are a number of different things which can have a massive impact on the success, or the failure, of any new app. One of the big things that can impact how well an app will perform is graphic design.

Design is perhaps the single most critical element of any successful app. If you look at the apps which are currently being showcased by Apple and Google Play you will see that the one thing they have in common is design excellence.

Keeping It Clean & Simple

One of the key things to keep in mind when it comes to graphic design is that your app needs to make sense straight away. Due to the highly disposable nature of apps, if the design is over complicated users will simply delete it. The user interface should be self-explanatory allowing users to get to grips with it instinctively.

Every fancy feature you add to your app increases its complexity so focus on a simple, well designed app and you will be on to a winner. Do not forget that app users are basically lazy! They do not want to read instructions or have to type a lot of information out. Your app should be designed with as much simplicity as possible.

Visuals Are Important

It is no secret that visually stunning apps are the ones which sell better, largely because they are just more enjoyable to use. Again, simplicity is best as your app needs to be elegant and easy to use so make sure that fancy design elements do not distract from the usability.

Think about an online poker app as an example. You will want the cards to appear on a solid background that helps them to stand out rather than a busy casino backdrop. However, you can add additional visuals such as animated card dealing which looks nice but will not interfere with the game in any way. Animations are a great way to give your app personality and contribute an additional level of polish.

Always Remember Your Icon

One area of graphic design that many app designers neglect is the icon, but it is one of the most important graphic elements. The icon is the first impression of your app that most people will get so it needs to look great. In addition to this, it takes up a slot on your users’ home screen so it needs to be attractive.

The best icons are simple, but recognisable and need to stand out from the crowd without being to gaudy. The ideal icon needs to look great at a larger size, but should not lose anything when reduced to an app icon on the home screen, that means it should not be overly detailed.

When it comes to getting your apps ready to go on the market, graphic design is one of many important elements that you need to make sure you have gotten just right. Something as simple as the graphic interface or the icon can make or break an app, so it is essential that you perfect the visual aspects of your app as well as the nuts and bolts that make it work.


Jim Dalton writes for a number of technology and gaming blogs.