What a Yacht Club Could Offer Your Social Life

Yacht ClubSailing is a very sociable activity and life on the ocean wave is certainly much more enjoyable if you can share your seafaring adventures with others of a similarly adventurous disposition. Yacht clubs are a great way for those who enjoy sailing to meet like-minded souls to swap sailing tips and plan trips. The lively social scene at these clubs is another solid reason to join.

Yachting – The Stylish Way to See the World

What better way to see the world’s most beautiful places than by sailing from place to place aboard a private yacht? Whether it’s a simple bare back vessel or a super-luxurious boat replete with hot tubs and swimming pools, yachting has long been associated with seeing the world in style. But despite the yachting world’s associations with high living and high prices, it does not have to be a super-expensive pursuit.

One great way to enjoy the many benefits of travelling by yacht is to join a yacht club that offers members the opportunity to rent a private cabin aboard one of their boats and relax on board as the experienced skippers cruise the world’s beauty spots. Yacht clubs such as these allow travellers to enjoy the luxury of sailing, without having to pay the high price of owning or chartering a boat.

The Sociable Way to Sail

Yacht clubs that offer the chance to share a boat or catamaran with other travellers are a great way for newcomers to the sailing community to get to know other enthusiasts and, with the opportunity to join in group shore excursions and events on board the boat, travellers will find this a very sociable way to see the world. Of course, for those who prefer the seclusion of their own cabin, there is no obligation to join in planned activities and yacht club members are free to choose the extent to which they would like to get involved.

An Introduction to the World of Sailing

The world of sailing is a very sociable one, but it can be hard to feel like part of the community if you are not part of any organized groups. Yacht clubs around the world provide a great opportunity to become part of a social circle while reaping the benefits of the facilities that yacht clubs often offer – from club pools and lounges to exclusive bars and night clubs. Sociable sailors have a lot to gain from joining a yacht club and even those with years of experience may find they can learn from swapping yachting tales with others who have a similar passion for life on the open sea.

Martyn Abrams is a travel writer and keen yachtsmen based in Dorset. He has been sailing for over 20 years and writing about his adventures via magazines and blogs for over 10 years. He is a big fan of clubs such as Club La Costa, which he believes has made yachting a more accessible pastime than it has long been perceived to be.