Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Alberta

best places to visit in albertaAlberta is  located on the west coast of Canada; it is surrounded by Montreal and Toronto. It is a quiet place with a great hi significance, though it is highly overlooked as a tourist destination. More attractive places like Toronto and Montreal as neighbours often leaves Alberta without tourists. Nonetheless, it holds some of the most exquisite places one must visit. Alberta is very rich in history and houses some of the best nominations for the World Heritage UNESCO sites.  It was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. Here are the top best 7 places one can visit when staying in Alberta in Canada.

Best Places to Visit in Alberta

Jasper Provincial Park

Alberta holds on to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites called the Jasper Provincial Park. This site is located in the Canadian mountains that can smoothly access via bus, train or car. It is filled with wildlife and outdoor fun. A great visit for adventure freaks.

Dinosaur Provincial Park AlbertaDinosaur Provincial Park

This is another UNESCO world heritage site. It is an interesting visit for children and as well as adults interested in wildlife. It is an isolated park away from the city life where one can indulge in great outdoor adventure and campground fun.


Visit Edmonton to view the city life and feel the culture. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta jam-packed with museums, entertainment and cultural delights. Visit the west Edmonton mall which is the largest mall in North America. Larger malls have come up in UAE.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

This is another UNESCO World Heritage site, a great sight for culture enthusiasts desiring to relish different cultures. Cleavage creeks were crossed with by stampeding buffaloes after which the meat was consumed. It is a different North American culture that makes this sight indeed very interesting.

Writing-on-Stone National Park

This park is located 44 Kms away from the town of milk river. This again is nominated as the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The park contains some 50 stone carved mages called petroglyphs made by Native Americans.

Lethbridge Japanese GardensLethbridge Japanese Gardens

This is garden having a great history of the World War II when many Canadian Japanese made concentration camps around this garden. Many Japanese still live around this area making. This garden is not open in all seasons thought, so one must check before a visit.

Bellevue Mine

The Bellevue Mine is a must visit with children. It is a one-of-a-kind experience where you will be taken around with a mining cap around a coal mine along the long cold tunnels and mine ways, into coal rooms and coal seams. The guided tours are better as the guides tend to explain the entire process of coal mining. The exciting part about this mine tour is that it is guided only by the light of the lamp held by the guide. This is a rare experience not available anywhere else in the world.

Thus, Alberta is definitely being undermined by tourists. Alberta is a real treasure for all those tourists who really love adventure and history.