Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Virginia

best places to visit in virginia‘Virginia is for lovers’, that how it is known popularly. It is geographically located between the majors of Florida and New York and is also known as the gateway to the South in the United States of America (USA) or also called the Mid-Atlantic region. It is a treasure for tourists as it is bordered on the North by Washington DC, the entire Atlantic Ocean to the east and North Carolina on the south and Kentucky in the west making it an interesting sight for tourists willing to cover to the major spots in one trip to the USA. Here is a list of the Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Virginia.

Shenandoah National Park

For all those outdoor adventurous people here is must visit. The Shenandoah National Park offers beautiful trails for nature and animal lovers. Be prepared for surprise waterfalls while trekking or meet a member of the wildlife community. It offers the skyline drive and a connecting Blue Ridge Parkway that takes you to the more beautiful parts of the national park.

virginia beachVirginia Beach

For all those people looking for a relaxing day in Virginia, the Virginia Beach should be your top spot for visit. Relax and chill by the beach Broadway that offers enough choice of food, restaurants, junk food hubs along with condos and small shopping to make that day of relaxation more complete.

Loudoun County

For all those fine wine aficionados and tasters you must visit the Loudoun County. It is also known as Virginia’s wine county as it is filled with most of the local wineries. Learn some wine making techniques or simply loaf around the breezy plains smelling rich wine. There are organised tours to take care of you.

Mount Vernon Estate

People interested in history and heritage should Visit the Mount Vernon Estate which happens to be the former home of the US President George Washington. It offers spectacular view of the veranda and you can book yourself an n organised tour to move around. The famous film “National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets” was shot there.

best places to visit in virginiaLuray Caverns

See the amazing rock formations and the awesome organ pipe by hitting the stalactites formed there naturally. You can also view the car, the garden maze, the carriage caravan museum where you can view the ancient version of the Bugatti and the Rolls Royce. It also houses a singing tower where you can hear free recitals.

Historic Jamestown

Historic Jamestown is the first English settlement. You can view the entire town through an organised guided tour. It is one of a kind living-history museum with archaeologists working hard to excavate the hidden truth, right there in front of your eyes.

Oatlands Plantation

This is a National sight chosen for preservation in The United States Of America. This plantation was built around the year 1804 and gives you a closer look at the old plantation and the style of taking care of it and maintaining it.  The gardens of the plantation are beautiful.

There are many things to do in Virginia; the top 7 places to visit in Virginia written above are only of the many for tourist visits.