Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

best Places to Visit in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is beautiful country, a federal republic that is deemed to be one of the safest tourist destinations n the world. Being a small country it is advantageous to tourists as most of the places are located close to each other. It is expensive, but it’s a place worth spending on. Thinking of what you will find here, well, you will find peace, beauty, and nature, castles both modern and urban. Here are the top 7 places that one must visit while in Switzerland.

7 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

The Jungfrau Region

If you have come to Switzerland you cannot step out of the country without watching and seeing some of the most spectacular scenes. Visit the Jungfrau region to view the three famous mountains of Monch, Eiger and the Jungfrau. This is perfect Alpine wonder that no one can afford to miss.

Fasnacht Spring Carnival, Basel

Basel is said to be the second largest city in Switzerland. You must make sure you visit the carnival which is three day affair and offers some of the best entertainment Ash Wednesday. You will see only sweets, confetti, love and fun all along the entire carnival period. This is must visit and experience with children around you.

Swiss National Park, ZernezSwiss National Park, Zernez

This is a huge natural park, a park of woodland and mountains which is house of a variety of wildlife and animals like the deer, chamois, marmots and ibexes. The national park allows beautiful guided tours which make it more fun. Of course, the beautiful views cannot be rules out under any circumstances.


You cannot miss Geneva if you are visiting Switzerland. The Lake Geneva is right in the middle of the third largest city In Switzerland. If you are an art aficionado then this is the best place for you. Known for its fashion, clothes, and diamonds and watched it is city not worth missing.

Matterhorn, Zermatt

This is one of the most famous and talked about peaks in the Alps. This mountain is tall measuring 4,478 meters. It not only offers a good view but it also offers beautiful views and a lot of skiing activities for adventure freaks. It offers gorgeous goof food in fantastic restaurant that make it fun drive there.

The Rhine Falls

These are located near Schaffhausen and are known to be one of Europe’s largest waterfalls. These falls are very famous and attract a million visitors each passing here as they hold fantastic firework displays every Swiss National Day. This natural wonder of the wold and hence must be visited with children, it can be quite an educative experience.

Mt. Pilatus switzerlandMt. Pilatus

This mountain stands next to the Lucerne, the city of lakes. The peak is 2.102 metres which offers a cable car for some good lurking around d and splendid views. You can see the trail below and dense forests that make it all lush and green for the eyes.

Switzerland is untouched by man Switzerland and offers a great many spots of tourist interest.