Top 7 Beach Destinations in India

Beach Destinations in IndiaIndia is a diverse country, a country that has a large mass of land while having a massive coastal line making it unique in its topography. India is known for its beaches, the clear unspoilt waterfront of some beach destinations making them worth a visit. There are some beaches that are having become very popular while there are some that are still left unadulterated. Here is a list of top 7 beach destinations in India for those entire beach loving people who like to soak up the sun.

7 Best Beach Destinations in India

Lakshadweep Islands

The Lakshadweep Island is not a popular beach destination and this is exactly what makes it even more appealing. The island is located in the Arabian Sea on the South of India. It is famous for coral reefs. It is a very romantic beach destination as it is secluded and less commercial in nature. A few high end hotels and other budget accommodations of palm-frond-thatched bamboo huts are available at affordable prices. There is hardly any night life around here.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

TheAndaman & Nicobar Islandsare known for their serene environment, their crystal clear blue beaches, and white sands, sea shells and pearls. These islands have a rural feel to it with affordable accommodation that make it great choice. However, one must note that these islands are comparatively more expensive than the aforementioned Lakshadweep islands or any other popular beach destinations in India.


Gokarna is a splendid beach destination located in Karnataka. It has a hippie ambience and is popular for five main beached which include the Gokarna beach, the Kudle beach, the Om beach and the half moon and full moon beach. The half-moon and full moon beach are not fully accessible; they are accessible only by hike or the boat.


Daman is definitely a must visit beach destination in India. You can see the sea form almost everywhere. Although commercial activities are on rise, the union territory has maintained itself as great beach spot. The historic forts and monuments along unending beaches make an impressive sight for tourists like you and me.


Kovalam is one my personal favourites. Located close to Thiruvanthapuram in Kerala, it is a pure delight. The beaches string various hotels and sea food joints along the beach but the beauty about the beach destination is that it is extremely well maintained by the government authorities. There is no litter on the beach and commercial establishments are located around the major beaches fronts, not on them.


Kochi is another beach destination located in Kerala. It is more urbanised and modern but a glance at their beaches and you will be shifted back to the olden days of circa where fishermen nets on the beach make a sight worth your money. Do not miss Kochi.


Finally here is India’s trademark beach destination. This destination most popular amongst foreign tourists. Some famous beaches include Candolim and Baga. However, this destination has become spoilt as the state has no made tourism really afford to attract more tourists. Nonetheless, one cannot ignore that Goa has its own charm. The shacks and the night life are major star attractions. So, Go Goa!

When thinking of going to a beach one need not bother about the weather as the sea tends to balance out the seasonal extremities. Choose any one of the listed Top 7 Beach Destinations in India to have a great time.