Top 7 Activities to Do In Las Vegas

activities to do in las vegasVegas as popularly known is a hot spot for all sinful activities. Preferred mainly for adult tourists this tourist spot offers fun, frolic, relaxation and a lot of adventures, especially adventure with money. This sinful city located in the United States of America (USA) is one of a kind. Millions of youngsters and other tourists come flocking to this destination for some real good fun. Here is a list of the top 7 activities one can indulge in Las Vegas.

7 Great Activities to Do in Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil

Though expensive this is one of the most sought after typically Vegas shows that depicts some of the former Olypmpists to do some heavy duty amusement shows for the visitors. The tickets are priced at $165 or more now. This place can handle children as well. It is truly unique and different in nature.

Dinner Extravaganza

If you have the buck or rather bucks then here is your chance to make it to one of the most beautifully sculpted dinner, a designer dinner at the famous Restaurant Guy Savoy in Cesar’s. It offers to give you one of most fancy Parisian meals in America. You can also visit the MGM Grand for a big dinner date out with your Vegas date.

Buffet Boom

Vegas is quite known for its buffets considering its night life that pulls out people hungry form bed after last night’s bash up or hard partying. Enjoy one of the best known buffets in the city at Wynn’s. This place supplies a sumptuous meal, with a really good spread that provides with good value for money for all.

shark reefShark Reef

This again is a place that can be enjoyed by children. The shark reef is located at the Mandalay Bay housed indoors and outdoors too. It houses some of the best real sharks, turtles and other rare sea species making it a real entertainment place. The shark reef is so famous that it offers a full coverage of the same on television for 24 hours. This makes it accessible to all at all times.

New York-New York Hotel

The New York-New York Hotel is a must visit. It houses the wild roller coaster with a small time representational and done up version of the Disneyland in Manhattan. Take the roller-coaster ride than going through the whole hotel walking. This is sure shot dose of some different fun.

Pool Parties

Las Vegas is known for its pool parties that are not only fun with all the booze around but often can become deadly places for fights. So be careful, some famous pools include the Rio Hotel and the Sapphire Club. Get yourself into the party mood with the perfect ambience for hard core partying.


Vegas is known for relaxation and spas are not far from the many relaxation activities it offers. Hence, you must try the spa at the Bellagio and the Canyon Ranch most popularly known for the steam and sauna baths.

These are some of the best known activities that one must indulge in while visiting Las Vegas.