Top 3 Places to Visit in Galapagos Islands

Places to Visit in Galapagos IslandsIf you want to spend a few days in the lap of nature,  Galapagos Islands is the place you are looking for. The Galapagos island is made up several tiny islands and is one of the most beautiful destination for travelers. Almost each and every island is attractive and is popular among tourists for the unique wildlife found here. If you are planning to visit this place, don’t forget to take a minimum 5 -day/4-night cruise to enjoy the whole beauty of the islands. If your budget is limited and don’t want go for Cruise then here we have listed some great places you must visit in Galapagos Islands.

Darwin (Culpepper) Island

The island is named after Charles Darwin and is one of the most popular place in Galapagos Islands. The island has an area of 1.1 square km (0.4 sq mi). Tourist can see here marine turtles, sea lions, whales and can also enjoy Galapagos Explorer cruises very much. The variety of activities on the ship makes the whole experience so much fun.

Santa Cruz Island

This island is very popular among tourists because of its beautiful beach. Here the sand is very soft and coral white which compliments the crystal clear water. Tourists can also visit the the Charles Darwin Research Station and the headquarters of the Galápagos National Park Service. This place is also famous for the lava tunnels.

Rábida Island

This island is quite big as compare to Darwin Island. The area of the island is 4.9 square km. It has a distinctive red colour because of the high amount of iron contained in the lava at Rábida.