Things to do in Shanghai, China

things to do in shanghaiShanghai is indeed an energetic city which bustles with activities. The night life is equally mesmerizing as there are highly sophisticated clubs where you can just drink and dance. The Chinese food will take your breath away for sure. Hence, you will simply love to come to this part of the world, again.

There are following things to do in Shanghai:-

The Bund (Wai Tan)

If you want to be a proud witness to the Shanghai’s modern history, then visit “The Bund” (Wai Tan). It is indeed a prized place which certainly does not need any introduction. The picturesque beauty of the place is enhanced even more especially after sun set as the area is illuminated by the colorful lights. Here, you will equally get a western touch in the form of fast food chains like  Burger King restaurants along with endless others Chinese restaurants.

Shanghai maglevShanghai Maglev

How can you miss visiting Shanghai Maglev which has the credit of being the fastest commercial train in the world? 30 kilometers (18.5mile) between Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road is covered it in just 7 minutes which can give you an insight regarding is electrifying speed. Hence, you want to experience the electrifying thrill and enjoyment which is associated with the same. 430 kph is its maximum speed. You are surely going to love to be a part of the train which will surely be a highlight as you visit Shanghai.

Garden of Contentment (Yu Yuan Garden)

One of the things to do in Shanghai is to be a proud witness to five-acre garden which has six sections namely, Hall of Heralding Spring, Hall of Jade Magnificence, Inner Garden, Grand Rockery, Ten Thousand-Flower Pavilion along with Lotus Pool.

The garden has lots of historical significance. It is better to hire a guide so that you will be able to arm yourself with the enriching and sophisticated history of the garden. You will indeed be mesmerized by its beauty and it is indeed quite a coveted setting which you dearly want to be in. The building in the garden was built again nearly 200 years before since the original building was made from wood which only had a life span of 200-250 years.

Oriental Pearl TowerOriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is indeed one of the most popular landmarks of Shanghai and it has a height of 1,500 feet. Therefore, you will witness such a mind-blowing structure with great enthusiasm and interest especially as the city’s skyline is in a constant change. Jinmao Tower is another skyscraper which has 88 floors along with Shanghai World Financial Tower which is there as well. Hence, you will get a reason to say “wow” for sure.

Finally, come to Shanghai and experience the mix of modern yet traditional culture which will give you various reasons to come here again and again. Hence, make an itinerary by following the aforesaid things to do in Shanghai and experience the pleasant difference like never before. So what are you waiting for?