Things to do in Cape Town Central, South Africa

things to do in cape townSituated at the southern toe of the African continent, Cape Town is famous for its wildlife, sweeping sea vistas as well as hiking trails. How can you afford to miss visiting the Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for whopping 27 years. Hence, while being in Cape Town, you will surely going to visit the places which have their own significance and relevance.

There are other things to do in Cape Town Central which will give you endless reasons to enjoy to the fullest:-

AWOL Tours

Cape Town equally give you reasons to visit AWOL TOURS as it is synonymous with heightened and electrifying adventure which you are going to derive by hiking and cycling. If you want, you can equally go for personalized tours as well. You can choose the tour according to your need in terms of city cycling tour or half day cycling tour in a Township. There is equally a hiking trip which you can undertake either through the lush Garden Route or up Table Mountain. It is advisable to include all of them in order to make your tour quite flexible and interesting.

Do not forget to avail the facility of the guide or else you might have to face few inconvenience or problems.  The AWOL Tours is probably considered to be the safest and the best thing to do while being in Cape Town.

table mountain in cape townTable Mountain

You need to mentally strong in order to get up the mountain. There are plenty of does and don’ts which you need to follow while trekking. As you are not supposed to wear sneakers and you should be wearing strong shoe. Since the route is uneven, strong shoes will give you much needed support along the way. If you thought, that as you come down you will be eased a lot, think again as the route is equally quite harsh and difficult, thanks to the steepness and rock size. Therefore, be careful. Take water with you since the route is devoid of any restaurants.

Although the beautiful weather will enthrall you to the core, yet it might change quickly. Hence, be cautious about that as the mist will make the temperature quite cold suddenly. While going up, try to start early in order to avoid the harsh rays of the sun in the middle of the day. Accompany suntan lotion 30+ along with a hat as they are equally must to be carried.

If in case you are tired or you feel that you will not be able to climb on your own, then take the facility of the cable car. Thereby, watch the beautiful scene which is simply awesome and mind-blowing. Although the path is not dangerous, yet you need to be careful regarding your advances or if in case you have inbuilt fear of height, then it is better to avoid visiting it. Finally, come to such a prized and wonderful place on earth where adventure and joy will be synonymous with you till the time you are actually here.