The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Switzerland

Wedding is surely one of the most important events of the life of a person and many couples declare that the day of the wedding is one of the unforgettables memories of their life.

After the efforts done for organising the event and the party it is time to relax during the honeymoon.
best honeymoon destinations
Switzerland offers a lot of best honeymoon destinations where the couple can relax, take advantage of the services provided by the charme resorts, see breathtaking landscapes …

But, what are the best honeymoon destinations in Switzerland?

Bettmeralp : here there is one of the most popular glaciers that offers a wonderful view. The mountanious territory is perfect for relax, for doing trekking or sky in the winter. Here there are also a lot charme resorts where the couple can find all the possible services (spa, good restaurants, swimming pools …);

Lucerne: in this city you can find wonderful lakes, breathtaking landscapes, many historical monuments and a lot of attractions perfect for couples, for example the cruise on the lake, a romantic way for discovering hidden and secrets corners of Lucerne. You can also rent a sailing boat and direction the marine steering wheel where you want in order to discover all the jewels of the Lucerne lakes. If you like the chocolate, you can visit the locals manufacturers of chocolate;

Ticino: these area has been influenced by the Italian culture and offers a landscape that mix wonderful lakes and high mountains. Here you can enjoy yourself with a lot of watergames and boat cruises. If you are doing a cruising honeymoon, Ticino is surely a perfect location where stop your nautical steering wheel;

Lausanne: it is a very romantic location that offers also a lot of crazy nightlife. Lausanne is full of streets that can be discovered walking. A must-do of Lausanne is surely the walking on Rue de Bourg, the street where Mozart performed the first time at the age of 10 years old and where there is the cathedrale with rose windows that is a true jewel. Lausanne is also a perfect starting point for visiting all the wine region;

Zurich: It is probably the most popular honeymoon destination of Switzerland thanks to the variety of activities that can be done here: mountain bike, swim, cultural trips discovering the churchs, the galleries and the monuments, get in touch with the nature seeing the pictoresques landscapes (mountains and lakes), partecipate to the many events and traditional parties … The view from the mountains is breathtaking and wonderful.

If you are planning an honeymoon of nature, breatktaking experiences and romanticism, Switzerland is surely the perfect country for celebrating your wedding!