The Arundel Festival 2013

Arundel Festival 2013Arundel is famous for its cathedral and its castle, both of which provide backdrops to some of the events at the annual Arundel Festival. The 2013 Festival lineup and events calendar have yet to be confirmed, so the best way to understand what might be on offer during the last full week in August (the festival this year runs from August 17 to August 25) is to have a look at what went on in the village in 2012.

Last year, the Castle and the Collector Earl’s Gardens played host to a number of cultural events during the Festival, including classical concert performances in the Great Hall and big band jazz (from the Syd Lawrence Orchestra) in the Gardens. There was also a variety of Shakespeare performances – The Taming of the Shrew was on twice, and The Tempest once. If the castle programme from last year is anything to go by, then, the 2013 Festival will offer a final weekend full of music and drama – potentially with a different play on for the Friday and Saturday nights.

Every year, a convocation of the art galleries and installations in Arundel get together to create a “Gallery Trail” – which, according to the 2012 programme, increases in size every year. By that logic, then, this year’s Festival-goers can reasonably expect to be given a bushel of artworks to hunt out and enjoy: from traditional painting to sculpture, weaving, furniture and even 3d model making.

Last year, the Arundel Lido erected a covered marquee to run a series of creative workshops. The workshops included poetry and literary classes; painting and drawing classes; and a Zumba class.

Arundel Theatre ran a full Festival lengthy programme of plays and theatrical entertainment, including A Spanish Play by Yasmina Reza, the writer of Art. There were also hot air balloon rides; street entertainments; and poetry and prose readings in the private houses of some of the village’s residents.

All in all, then, the Arundel Festival 2013 can be expected to replicate or expand on the entertainments of previous years – and to attempt to create a festival experience in which attendees get a real sense not just of the tourist attractions but of the village community. As noted, official information regarding the events programme and timings has not yet been released: visitors to the Festival website will find placeholders, and an exhortation to look at the events of foregoing years for a taste of what is to come.

Arundel is situated in the South Downs – west of Brighton and south of London. It is home to a number of seasonal tourist attractions besides the castle and cathedral – including the Amberley Working Museum; the Arundel Museum; and South Marsh Mill. It is possible to stay within the village, or to find accommodation nearby. Theoretically, a city escape to Brighton (the “London by the Sea” of the south) can be combined with the rural charms of some surrounding villages and hamlets – and of course local festivals, such as the Arundel Festival 2013, add extra draw during particular weeks or months.

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