Take Your Weekend Off-Piste And Do Something Memorable

weekend tavelFed up with colleagues talking about mundane weekend activities? Worried you might be boring them just the same with uninspiring tales of Saturday and Sunday? Make your weekend something to look forward to and take to the slopes. This article outlines how, with only have a couple of days free.

It’s The Weekend

Officially, your weekend might be just Saturday and Sunday, but seeing as it’s going to be a big one, why not throw in a couple of holidays, too? Four days skiing is twice as much fun! Leave after work on Thursday, come home Monday night and be back in the office for Tuesday with a weekend story worth sharing.

Plan Ahead

Careful planning is crucial when time is of the essence. Aside from constantly checking the snow report, there is plenty you can do in advance to make sure your trip runs smoothly:

Arrange travel insurance   check sports clauses

Book airport parking

Check in online

Book transfers

Buy lift pass, book ski hire etc

Benefits Of A Short Break

There are plenty of reasons, other than making colleagues jealous, why weekend ski holidays are a good idea. Holiday entitlements are limited and if you commit to a single destination on a traditional two week summer holiday, it is used up very quickly. A short break allows you to rejuvenate at several points over the year and gives you something to look forward to.

Going skiing for the weekend gives you the added flexibility of travelling last minute, if snow is particularly good, for example. A winter break to the slopes in the post-Christmas, January lull could be balanced with a long weekend on the beach in the summer months.

Travel Light

If you are only away for the weekend, you really do not need to take much luggage, especially on an activity holiday where a lot of the equipment you will need can be hired on arrival. Leaving excess baggage also means that you can focus solely on the task in hand   having a great time and creating a weekend to remember. Do remember insurance though, especially on activity holidays. The risk is still there, even if you are only away from home for a few days.

Taking The Children

If your children are old enough, you might want to take them with you. A weekend’s skiing might serve as a useful introduction for them to see how they would enjoy a longer holiday. Their routine is not disturbed too much with the ‘taster,’ yet the weekend is different enough from quotidian life that everyone feels refreshed and reinvigorated.

With prices competitive with weekend breaks in the UK, or European city breaks, why not opt to get the adrenaline pumping round your veins and breathe the fresh mountain air? You can always stay at home next weekend!


Mary James writes regularly on various travel-related topics for a range of websites and blogs. She has been a keen skier for many years but now, with a young family, does not get the time for ‘traditional’ ski holidays. Instead, she goes on weekend ski holidays to quench his ski thirst and finds she misses the children after a couple of days away anyway!