Honeymoons In The UK: Where To Go

Despite appearances, the UK is indeed one of the best places where you can spend your honeymoon. Some people consider it to be one of the most romantic places in Europe, although some may beg to differ. If you are getting married and you are still undecided on where to spend your first days as newlyweds, then this article is for you. Below are some of the best honeymoon destinations in and around the United Kingdom.

honeymoons in the ukLondon

The city of London remains a strong favourite when it comes to honeymoon destinations in Britain. The happy couple can spend the day roaming around the city while enjoying the beautifully romantic spots of London such as Covent Garden or Hyde Park. The Millennium Wheel is one of the favorite things to do together. When you are in London for your honeymoon, you should never forget to visit this wonderful city as you will truly have an unforgettable experience. You and your partner can enjoy private moments together while sipping champagne as the sun goes down.


If you and your spouse are beach lovers and you are thinking of spending your honeymoon on the sand, then Cornwall is the perfect destination for you. Both of you will definitely enjoy the breathtaking views of beaches. If you are in Cornwall, you will never have a problem with accommodation as there are many budget friendly, as well as luxurious, hotels to choose from. There are also Bed and Breakfast’s offering special packages for honeymooners.

The sunset and sunrise views on the beach are just some of the activities look forward to by new couples. If you are thinking of spending your honeymoon in Cornwall, then do your research and prepare as much as you can beforehand. Some hotels and travel agencies offer honeymoon packages at an affordable price.


If a private and relaxing honeymoon is what you are dreaming of, then you should spend your honeymoon in the countryside of Wales. There are so many relaxing places to visit in the area and each place can offer peaceful and romantic ambiance for all lovers. There are hotels along the country side, but if you want to have a more romantic and homely feel, then you might want to consider staying at a Bed and Breakfast.

Key Points

When planning your honeymoon destination, you should first consult your partner with regard to every detail of the honeymoon itself. Decide on places where you want to spend your time, discuss your budget and think of different activities you want to do together as a couple. The key to an unforgettable honeymoon is not only the destination, but primarily it depends on what you want to do together.


Marriage is the start of something beautiful; two separate lives deciding to live as one. This is one of the reasons why honeymoons were created. A honeymoon should be a beautiful, romantic, unforgettable and a nostalgic experience. Marriage will let you experience so many things in life, and the honeymoon is the beginning of those beautiful experiences together as husband and wife.

There are so many honeymoon spots in the world, particularly in the UK. Hence, you should always conduct some thorough research a few months before the honeymoon is due to happen. The United Kingdom never fails to give you unforgettable honeymoon experience. Wales, Cornwall and London are just some of the most sought after honeymoon destinations, and there are many more that you could discover.

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