Get a 5 Minute Tour of Southern India

It is one of the most ancient lands in the world, and has survived natural disasters, revolutions, occupation and freedom emerging into the 21st century with its spirit intact, its soul uncompromised. It is one of those magical locations where time seems to have stood still in many locations, where ancient traditions are still revered and observed and except for the largest cosmopolitan cities, life still moves at the same pace as it did a few centuries ago. It is no wonder that tourists make India one of their favourite travel destinations. There truly is something for everyone and some landmarks, such as the TajMahal are renowned the world over. It is a vast land, almost a continent unto itself, one that is not easy to visit in just a few days or even a week. That’s why sometimes, it is best to focus on just one area. That’s why today, we are going to visit southern India.

5 Minute Tour of Southern India

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Starting out like the British

One of the largest states in southern India is Tamil Nadu and its capital city is Chennai, a city that was actually founded by the British over 350 years ago and which they named Madras. As a result of this unique set of circumstances, Chennai is both steeped in influences which are definitely British, such as St. Mary’s Church, but also has quintessential local motifs, such as the Kapaleeswarar Temple. The juxtaposition of ancient and modern continues with such sites as the St. Thomas Mount and the Parthasarathy Temple. Here, you do not necessarily see cultures collide; you see them existing harmoniously, even though they are of completely different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Heading out of Town

While Chennai has plenty to offer, there is still more in store for the intrepid traveller. Pondicherry, a town with deep ties to a period of French influence, has beautiful villas by the seaside and streets that are named in French. For a moment, one might feel that they are on the French Riviera. One should also be sure not to miss Bangalore, a city renowned for its royal lineage, which goes back to the Karnataka. This tradition aside, Bangalore is a truly modern city, cosmopolitan to the extreme, yet imbued with that particular charm that is uniquely Indian. But one should not spend all the time in some of the major cities. There are so many things to see in southern India that it is difficult to find time to see them all. But among the ones that are truly unique is Nagarjunakonda, where an ancient Buddhist temple was literally picked up and relocated to an island. The seaside town of Kochi should also not be missed. Here, one can find the oldest European church that is located in the subcontinent, as well as a fascinating Jewish synagogue.
It’s Being There That Counts

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