Experience Myanmar, a Country Unlike Any Place You Know About

myanmar baganWe know that people love to travel from one place to another p-lace. So, we have a natural instinct of travelling. There is a small country in the southeastern part of Asia. The name of this country is Myanmar. It is not so big. But it holds huge population. The country men are highly influenced by Buddhism. So, here and there you would come to see the temples of Lord Buddha. You will come to see the vast natural beauty of this country while visiting. There are some beautiful places to visit in this country. You need to make research before visiting this country. You will come to see the heritage buildings over there. Here in this article we will provide you the information on the most see places of this country. You need to enlist the name in your diary so that you can forward the name to your travel agency. You just need to go through this article very carefully.

Bagan :

This can be regarded as one of the most see places in Myanmar. If you are visiting this country then you must have to come to this place. Otherwise you are going to make huge mistake. Without visiting this place you won’t be able to see 4000 temple of the Lord Buddha. You would get astonished to know that 4000 followers made these temples. You would definitely carry the reminiscent of this place throughout the journey. You need to read more to know more about this place.


Mandalay is another beautiful place of Myanmar. You should enlist this name now and tell your travel agent to show you this place while visiting this country. You will come to see the temples of Lord Buddha here and there also in this place. This can be regarded as the centre of art and culture of this country. So, you need to keep this name in your mind while visiting this country.


Yangon is the name of the capital of this country. This can be regarded as the busiest city of this country. You will have to come to this place at the very beginning as the international airport is situated in this place. You would come to see many tea shops in this place. You will come to see the old houses in this city that are carrying the beauty of the sculpture. You would get the luxurious hotels and restaurants at market competitive rates in this place.

Inle Lake:

From the very name of this place you can assume that this is a lake. You will be able to witness the natural beauty of this place. People or tourists love to witness the sunset from here.

These are the most see places in Myanmar. You need to visit these places.

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