Things to do in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is indeed an energetic city which bustles with activities. The night life is equally mesmerizing as there are highly sophisticated clubs where you can just drink and dance. The Chinese food will take your breath away for sure. Hence, you will simply love to come to this part of the world, again. There are … Read more

Things to do in Cape Town Central, South Africa

Situated at the southern toe of the African continent, Cape Town is famous for its wildlife, sweeping sea vistas as well as hiking trails. How can you afford to miss visiting the Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for whopping 27 years. Hence, while being in Cape Town, you will surely going to visit … Read more

Top 7 Activities to Do In Las Vegas

Vegas as popularly known is a hot spot for all sinful activities. Preferred mainly for adult tourists this tourist spot offers fun, frolic, relaxation and a lot of adventures, especially adventure with money. This sinful city located in the United States of America (USA) is one of a kind. Millions of youngsters and other tourists … Read more

7 Top Tourist Attractions in Brazil

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Five Top Maldives Attractions You Must See

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Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Alberta

Alberta isĀ  located on the west coast of Canada; it is surrounded by Montreal and Toronto. It is a quiet place with a great hi significance, though it is highly overlooked as a tourist destination. More attractive places like Toronto and Montreal as neighbours often leaves Alberta without tourists. Nonetheless, it holds some of the … Read more