Amsterdam: A Vacation for the Entire Family

AmsterdamAmsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and among the most beautiful and popular places to visiting Europe. It was founded in the 13th century when a group of fishermen decided to build a bridge that would play the role of a dam, protecting the surrounding area from being flooded. This city is an ideal place to enjoy a complete family vacation, and if you’re looking for an enriching and entertaining experience, then look no further than Amsterdam this year.

Not only does the city offer excellent sightseeing locations, breathtaking sceneries and delicious food joints, but there are so many other attractions you won’t know where to start! The tourism industry has developed immensely over the last 30 years, and the city attracts millions of people with its exciting festivals and liberal culture. If you’re thinking about visiting Amsterdam this year, let’s take a look at some of the top attractions you can’t afford to miss!

History and Architecture

Amsterdam is a lovely place for people that are interested in architecture and history, with the museums offering a wealth of masterpieces as well as works from sculptors and painters, each with their own historic story. The Rijksmuseum and the Museum Square are both a treat for the alternative tourist, and there’s also the Van Gogh museum, which is completely dedicated to the famous artist’s works. Around the Amsterdam Arena there are many well-known music halls where tourists can watch some wonderful performances, and the city’s Gothic buildingsare certainly worth a tour,with the Royal Palace in Dam Square a standout attraction.

Natural Beauty

If you’re looking to experience natural beauty during your trip to Amsterdam, the surrounding area of the Amstel River and the beaches adjacent to the North Sea offer a spellbinding view. Vacations to Amsterdam are usually spent with family and friends, and the aforementioned areas are perfect choices for a relaxing day. The climate and weather in Amsterdam is usually cool, and provides the perfect sightseeing ambiance, however it’s always best to check the forecast beforehand.

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Amsterdam’s nightlife is fascinating as well as diverse, with a variety of pubs, music venues and spectacular restaurants. Bars and clubs stay open until the early hours, and there are plenty of child-friendly establishments to lounge around during the day.Rembrandplein and Leidseplein are great if you’re looking for casinos, and there’s a whole host of vibrant entertainment in the surrounding streets.

Other Specialties

The streets in Amsterdam are lined with cafes and coffee shops, as the government takes a very liberal approach to marijuana use. However there’s plenty of choice apart from smoking, from the great selection of beers and wine to fabulous food. When it comes to accommodation, there’s more than enough to keep you interest, whether you’re looking for city centre digs or an apartment a little further out of town. Most of these places offer advanced facilities like laundry service, 24 hour room service, wireless internet connection and places to eat, so even on a rainy day you’ll be well looked after.