5 Best hotels Near Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park situated in Nagaon and Golaghat districts of Assam, India, is a World Heritage place. It is counted among the foremost National Parks in the world. The Park is famous for the Great Indian One Horned Rhinos and hosts around two-third of its total population. One can easily reach Kaziranga by bus, train or by air. The nearest international airport is Gopinath Bordoloi International airport, Guwahati which is just 239 km away from the park by road. best hotels near Kaziranga

Every year millions of people from all parts of the world visit Kaziranga to enjoy spot one-horned rhinoceros, tigers, elephants, bears and many more.If you are planning to visit Kaziranga National park, we suggest you to book hotels as early as possible. But the problem is there are tons hotels and resorts near Kaziranga and a few of them only provide quality services to their customers. Today we have sorted 5 best hotels near Kaziranga National Park.

5 Best Hotels Near Kaziranga National Park

Diphlu River Lodge

Diphlu River Lodge is situated very close to the park. If you want to experience the best of nature’s beauty this is the place for you. Though it is called Diphlu River Lodge, the word ‘Lodge’ is a misnomer – its a luxurious, well-appointed, 4 star accommodation. In 2016, when British Royals (William and Kate) visited Kaziranga, they stayed here. The riverside location of the property provides all that serenity you want when you sit outside the lodge. They have only twelve twin-bedded cottages, eight of which are individual and four semi-detached. The whole lodge is built using natural resources like bamboo, thatch, etc. All their rooms are fitted with modern amenities, comfortable beds, writing desk, mini-bar and a small fridge. The lodge charge around $275 (Rs 28,000) for a night.

IORA – The Retreat

Another nice place to stay in mids of kaziranga National Park. The resort offers a plesant, rejuvenating experience to all their customers. This is a perfect place to spend a vacation / holiday with your family.  IORA is spread over 20 acres of landscape and has beautiful green lawns, gardens etc. All of their rooms are spacious and fitted with all basic amenities. Apart from that rooms are well maintain and clean. The cost for one night stay is around $100 (Rs6500).

United 21 Grasslands

United 21 Grasslands

United 21 Grasslands, formrely known as Grassland Resorts and Hotel, located by National Highway 37 at Bagori in the heart of Kaziranga National Park, Assam. From this property one can easily reach all of the four ranges in Kaziranga conveniently and quickly. The resort has swimming pool, green lawns and walking space. Rooms are spacious but little bit old. If you want to stay in a quaint property with peaceful surroundings near Bagori range, this is the place you are looking for.

Nature Hunt Eco Camp

One of the best hotels near Kazriranga to stay and test luxury hospitality and Assamese lifestyle at the same time. The place is very unique and provide accommodations only on cottages and tents. Location is also good, just 200 meters from the highway. Tea garden and green paddy field brings amazing feel to your stay. Currently the property has 4 cottages and one dormitory. And all are made of cane/wood. Floors are carpeted. If you want they can also arrange safaris both elephant and jeep, for you at very reasonable price. They charge around $40( Rs 2500) for a night.

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Jupuri Ghar

Jupuri Ghar

Jupuri Ghar is a small, clean and well maintained place to stay near Kaziranga. It is situated very near to the the ticket counter of Kaziranga national park. Currently they have only 9 huts ( 8 single and 1 double). So, if you are visiting Kaziranga in peak season, we suggest you to book as early as possible. Rooms are good and are well equipped with modern facilities like AC, desk, chairs and warm blanket, running hot water but no TV. This is a govt property but maintained and run on contract basis by network travels.

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