5 Best Honeymoon places in Kerala

Kerala has become a paradise for honeymooners over the years. Kerala has many places to visit for honeymoon ranging from hill stations, jungle tours, camping sites and awesome beaches. Ayurvedic Spa treatments are a must-do during your Kerala visit. Living expenses in Kerala are low compared to other places making Kerala a value-for-money destination for honeymoon.Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala

Top 5 Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala Are:

  1. Wayanad: The place is known as Green Paradise. It is situated well above the sea level near the Western Ghats. The place is covered with greenery all around making it the perfect destination in Kerala. Ample luxury resorts in Wayanad offers you best 5-star honeymoon stay within budget. Wayanad is a place which gives you pleasant treat to all your senses with the right surrounding. If you are looking for a place away from all your daily busy schedules, family, friends, etc to spend the quality time with your better half then Wayanad is your perfect honeymoon destination. The various places in Wayanad are Banasura Dam, Tushar Giri Waterfalls, Pookat Lake, etc provide you a feel like a magical world.
  1. Munnar: It is a hill station with a cool climate and breath-taking scenery. The name means three rivers which is the prettiest thing to be ever witnessed and the spot is known as echo point. It is a place where you are free to shout to hear whatever you desire out your vows. It is home place of Neelakuruji, a flower which blossoms once every 12 years and localities’ use it to keep track on their age. You can start your beautiful journey using the same technique and track the age of your relationship. The place is the best if you need to start the first few nights with the best of nature surrounding you.
  1. Kumarakom: Lovely sceneries and natural beauty is something which everyone loves, and Kumarakom is a place where you can experience both. It is famous for its tranquil and backwaters. The perfect place for boating for just two of you which provides calm and peace with its still water, swaying trees, and lazy sun. You can also live in houseboats falling asleep with the sound of splashing waves. The most famous place which must be visited is Kumarakom bird sanctuary where you will see birds of all sizes and colors are free to flap their wings and soar which provides a sense of confidence, calmness to enter in a new life.
  1. Kovalam: The name of the place means Coconut Grove, due to a large number of coconut trees found here. The place is filled with beaches which makes easy to schedule spot for yourselves. You can enjoy the tropical weather under the orange sky and the crystal blue waters. A simple walk along the beach with your better half will definitely become memorable in the scenic town. Not only spending the daytime on the beaches is pleasant but the night time too provides you a new experience. The lighthouse is also a beautiful spot and lying under a clear blue sky and the star-filled sky is just a magical moment to feel.

Cochin: Known as the Queen of the Arabia Sea, which is the amalgam destination of Indian and western culture. There are the various marvelous thing to experience, they are relaxing walks along the sea-shore, exploring the historical and architectural such as St Francis Church and Santa Cruz Basilica, boat rides in the backwaters which are a perfect surrounding for the conversations, Kathakali performances are most famous and should not miss. It is also a beautiful place for your first shopping spree together which will help you to collect some souvenirs for life.