10 Best Hindu Temples in the USA

If you are a Hindu living in the United States of America (USA) and looking for best hindu temples in the USA to perform your weekly rituals or to spend some quality time in the weekend then this article is for you.

We all know that the USA is a multicultural nation that embraces diversity and fosters the practice of various religious beliefs. Among the vibrant tapestry of faiths, Hinduism stands out as one of the major religions with a significant number of followers all around the world. With a rich heritage and centuries-old traditions, Hinduism has found its place in America, giving rise to awe-inspiring temples across the nation. In this article, we explore the 10 best Hindu temples in the USA that offer a spiritual journey like no other.

10 Best Hindu Temples In The USA

Sri Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Best temples in the USAIt is one of the most famous and oldest temples in USA. Situated in Penn Hills, the Sri Venkateswara Temple is a captivating temple complex that replicates the famous Tirupati Balaji Temple in India. The temple’s architecture, adorned with intricate carvings and colorful sculptures, is a testament to the devotion of its builders. The serene atmosphere and regular religious and cultural events make it a must-visit for devotees and tourists alike.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Atlanta, Georgia

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Atlanta is another very popular Hindu temple in US which showcases exquisite Indian craftsmanship. The temple’s intricate carvings, breathtaking spires, and tranquil surroundings transport visitors to a world of divinity. It offers a glimpse into Hindu culture through its well-maintained gardens, cultural exhibitions, and devotional activities.

Malibu Hindu Temple, California

Best Hindu temples in the USA

This awesome temple is located in the scenic hills of Calabasas. Malibu Hindu Temple is famous for its peaceful environment and serenity. The temple complex, with its vibrant sculptures and beautifully landscaped gardens, offers visitors a truly immersive experience. Dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, the main deity, the temple also hosts various festivals like Holi, Janmashtami which attracts devotees from all over the country.

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork, Utah

The Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork is an extraordinary place of worship known for its grandeur and spiritual ambiance among Hindu devotees. The temple showcases stunning architecture inspired by ancient Hindu temples of India. Like Malibu temple, It also hosts the famous “Festival of Colors” each year, where participants joyously celebrate the triumph of good over evil with vibrant colors.

ISKCON Temple, New York

Also known as the Hare Krishna Temple. The temple is located in the heart of Brooklyn. The ISKCON Temple is a vibrant center of devotion and spirituality among Hindu devotees. It serves as a hub for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and features ornate altars dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort, Radha. The temple offers visitors a chance to participate in soul-stirring kirtans (devotional chants) and relish delicious vegetarian cuisine.

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Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, Illinois

The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, located in Lemont, is an architectural masterpiece that combines traditional Indian and contemporary styles. Spread over a vast area, the temple complex houses multiple shrines dedicated to different deities. With its meticulously maintained surroundings and an active cultural center, the temple is a vibrant community hub for spiritual seekers.

Sanatan Mandir, San Bruno, California

The Sanatan Mandir in San Bruno is a treasure trove of Indian art and spirituality. Its breathtaking architecture, featuring intricately carved pillars and ornate ceilings, transports visitors to the temples of India. The temple actively promotes cultural education, providing visitors with an enriching experience through its various classes, workshops, and events.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Robbinsville, New Jersey

The Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville is a masterpiece of Indian craftsmanship and spirituality. Built with over 4,000 tons of Italian Carrara marble and Indian sandstone, the temple stands as a symbol of devotion and dedication. Visitors can participate in daily prayers, arti ceremonies, and explore the temple’s museum showcasing Hindu history and culture.

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Hindu Temple of Central Indiana is a vibrant place of worship that serves as a cultural and spiritual center for the Hindu community in the region. The temple’s stunning architecture, adorned with intricate carvings, reflects the beauty of Indian craftsmanship. It offers various religious and cultural programs, making it an inclusive space for all devotees.

Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam, Newyork

Best Hindu Temples in USAThe Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam, popularly known as the Ganesh Temple, is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Situated in Newyork metropolitan area, the temple provides a serene environment for devotees to seek the blessings of the elephant-headed deity. The temple’s architecture, inspired by South Indian temple styles, adds to its cultural significance. Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam is located at 45-57 Bowne Street, Flushing, Queens, in New York city.


The presence of these exquisite Hindu temples in the United States highlights the country’s inclusiveness and respect for diverse religious beliefs. These sacred places not only provide spiritual solace but also offer a window into the rich heritage and traditions of Hinduism. From architectural marvels to serene sanctuaries, each temple mentioned above stands as a testament to the devotion and cultural richness of the Hindu community in the USA. Regardless of one’s faith, these temples welcome all seekers of knowledge, peace, and spirituality.